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Though each package will be different, here are some most popular features on offer.

Anti-phishing. It takes cunning links and should prevent you from accessing potentially dangerous websites created to infect computers or steal your data.

Application lock. Allows you to protect certain applications and settings with a password to limit the range of users who can use or edit them.

Backup. It saves your personal information by storing it on the Internet using the “cloud” (Internet storage) storage, as well as on your device. Backups occur either on schedule or until the remote wipe is completed. Backups can be restored on any compatible device.

Call / SMS Blocking. Filters and blocks unwanted calls and text messages with warnings when you get a fishy text.

Parental control. Allows you to restrict access to peculiar types of content.

Privacy advisor. It scans and checks for any applications that you are trying to download, reporting which of them are requesting more access than they need.

Remote location. Uses GPS to show the location of your antivirus for iPhone on a map from any web browser.

Remote lock. Remotely locks your device via SMS or web browser interface, preventing unauthorized access. Some apps even allow you to make a customizable lock screen message that displays your contact information to help securely return your device.

Deleted photo. Helps identify unauthorized users of your iPhone by taking their photo and sending it to you by email. Some applications take pictures from the device’s camera and send them to you by e-mail if the password is entered incorrectly several times.

Remote wipe. Keeps your privacy, allowing you to erase all contacts, calendars, photos, texts, browsing history, and a memory card in your phone.

Safe Browsing Mode. Checks web pages in real-time while browsing the web, providing protection when you click on links or every time you enter a web address.

SIM lock. Prevents others from using your iPhone by blocking it when removing the SIM card

Tune in. Optimizes battery, data and memory usage by identifying applications that consume too much battery power or slow down your device. This means that you can close and uninstall these applications.

Remove protection. Prevents thieves from bypassing the security application for mobile devices and destroying any device data and applications. A password is required to remove the application.

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