The Importance of Logo and Business Signs

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Business logos or signs plays an important role for any company in the market. They may indicate a lot of things just base on their logo, it may be social status, target market and a lot more. It may mean a lot of things that could vary from interpretation of people. Having a decent and good-looking logo would always capture people’s attention. Having the attention of people is the first goal of every business, raising awareness that the brand exists in the market. After raising awareness because of the what the logo creates it gives the buyers the option to buy the certain product. The creation of a strong and powerful logo is a key in having a business succeed in its own industry.

Business signs commonly used as advertisement of products

Business signs commonly used as advertisement of products is not as easy as it seems. Having correct technical knowledge of how to properly send a message is an essential task in hand for this one. Size of the signs, font of the sign, location of the sign and the correct message to channel to your target market is very important in having a 3D business sign, it may break or break your goals in having the sign. You cannot place a certain business sign where there are less people to view the sign, you would want a congested place and take into consideration your market.

For example, if you are inviting people to buy a quite expensive good, the most ideal place for the sign would be a billboard in a place where traffic is constant and from a height where vehicle owners would easily see your business sign. The same goes with the business logos, as familiarity of your sign or logo would most likely develop a good relationship with potential customers and it would lead to sales for your business. You cannot hastily create signs without the proper study in where and how you place the respective sign. Having a good logo is really important in every business.

Greatest Example

One of the greatest example of this one is the Apple brand. We all know that there are a lot of better cellphones out there which has better functions and specs compared to Apple, but why do people choose to buy Apple instead. One of the biggest factors of this beside their premium pricing is their logo. People assume that when you carry a product of Apple is that you are rich or you have significant purchasing power, the logo itself carries social status with it.

Actually, almost all of premium brands use their logo to let other people identify that a buyer has a good social status when they wear or purchase their product. Nike was not an immediate success as we all know, the owner first sold his shoes at the back of his truck to start with his business, with people recognizing his brand in the long run it became a household name when it comes to shoes, now it is the leading brand when it comes to shoes and apparel, one key factor here is that their logo is plain and simple yet it sends as a strong message.

The Main Goal

Business signs main goal is to gain attention from other people about a certain product or a certain message to the people. One of the most successful yet deviant business signs or billboards here in our country is Tanduay’s billboard. It was very famous throughout the country even though it rose some concerns to other conservative groups about the message of the sign.

Others view it as a fun advertisement of a liquor but some also take it the other way around, that it is immoral and is against the norms of the Filipino people. But the billboard made Tanduay a very hot topic throughout the country, which became an advantage for them and it really retained in the minds of people which is what the billboard’s goal really is. I am not saying that we have to go against the norms to have an effective billboard, but what is important is to have a unique way in delivering what you want to say to your consumers.

Being creative and strategic is essential in having good business signs, we have to think of these things before we rash ourselves in creating one. In this paper I have discussed the different advantages and aspects of having business logos and business signs. We now know that is important for businesses to be successful in their industry. It may seem like a simple thing, but in reality, it isn’t. It would really take a lot of rigorous hours, a lot of inspiration and bright minds to create these things. They are both important for businesses.

Business logos and business signs can be a double edge sword, it may raise your sales and awareness of the people about your brand or it may lead to unnecessary expenses for your business that could lead to your downfall if not done properly or it may convey a bad message and people would opt not to buy your product. Everything should be done carefully and considering a lot of variables especially to these marketing materials.

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