How to connect an iPhone to Macbook?

Need to display your favorite movie, video from YouTube, or other content from Macbook? Not a problem! For this purpose, there are as many tested receptions. But before you connect the iPhone to LG, decide on the model of technology and the purpose of synchronizing 2 devices: watching videos online or from the device’s memory. You can then start choosing the best way to connect your iPhone to the MacBook panel.

How to connect iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch to MacBook?

To begin with, it is worth talking about a few nuances that users need to know about how to connect iphone to macbook – wireless “drops” are compatible with gadgets from Apple, only if the latter supports them. If the device is already logged in to iCloud, then no additional manipulations are required. The headset automatically adjusts to work with compatible devices.

To connect an iPhone via USB, you need an original cord from Apple, through which you can connect it to your computer. Its type depends on the connectors on the gadgets:

  1. USB-C is suitable for iPad Pro (11-inch) and iPad Pro (3rd generation).
  2. For models released from 2014 to 2018, a simple iPad 2019 requires a Lightning cord – USB.
  3. Senior tablets (released before 2014) require a cable with a 30-pin connector.

You may also need the following cords and adapters, which are not included:

  1. USB-C – Lightning is required to connect the iPad Pro to Apple devices, which occupy all the sockets, except Lightning.
  2. USB-C – USB adapter will come in handy when connecting the latest iPad Pro models with PCs from other brands.
  3. USB-C – AV or USB-C – VGA – when connected to older computers.

How to work with files?

You can view documents in Windows through the built-in Explorer. In MacOS – through Finder or iTunes. You can only change files in iTunes. Working through iTunes, you can navigate the file system, copy and delete. If it is not possible to download this program, you can only view the files without the ability to change or download them.

The first connection must be via USB using iTunes. In this program, you will need to synchronize the equipment. Then everything will be wireless. Exceptions are systems with the operating system (operating system) Catalina or younger – there you can use the built-in Finder. Connecting the iPad directly to a PC will be indispensable when working with large amounts of data. This will significantly save time and traffic. And the above recommendations will simplify the whole procedure of connecting two devices.

Plus – the phone not only transmits video and other content on TV but also charges from a TV device. Minus – online video broadcast is not possible. The iPhone, such as the 11 Pro, acts as a USB drive and displays only the files stored on the phone on the TV panel screen. In general, it is usually enough for the user to open the case and get ready-made “drops”. Play tracks from the connected gadget will start as soon as both headphones are in your ears.