Is Dropbox Secure Enough For Business Use

Today, many businessmen and entrepreneurs cannot fully understand how safe Dropbox is for doing business and transactions. No one will argue with the fact that the popularity of using Dropbox is growing every day, but is it really justified? Perhaps this is a complete delusion and trusting Dropbox with the most important documents can cost your company a fortune? In this article, we will help you understand this issue. 

Is Dropbox Safe for Business? 

Dropbox lets you bring all your team content together in one space. You can use your favorite tools, as well as cut out unnecessary information and highlight the most important. 

With this software solution you will forget the chaos in documents, constant delays, difficulties with coordination of actions. Dropbox helps users organize their data, keep their activities in sync with other team members, and keep workflows secure. 

Dropbox has millions of users worldwide who use it for personal and professional purposes. Unfortunately, their storage services are insecure. Your business needs to be aware of some security issues when using Dropbox. 

Key features of Dropbox 

Of course, you need to understand exactly how Dropbox differs from other similar services and what functionality it offers to its customers. There is a list of common software features:

  • Stores your personal information 

Before signing up for Dropbox services, businesses need to know that Dropbox will store their social media information, credit card information, contact numbers, physical address, email addresses, and usernames. Roughly speaking, for the world around you, your personality becomes, as it were, in the palm of your hand, which may entail unpleasant consequences. 

  • Dropbox keeps your data even after you delete your account 

Even if you delete your Dropbox account, your data will still be retained “to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreement.” You can find this statement in the Dropbox Privacy Policy. 

  • Dropbox shares your personal information 

While Dropbox states that your information will never be sold, this does not mean that Dropbox will not share your information with other parties. For example, when you log into your Dropbox Facebook account, Dropbox shares your information with Facebook. Dropbox also shares your data with companies like Amazon, as the company uses the online store’s S3 service to store files. Dropbox is committed to transferring your data to Amazon as part of this transaction. 

Dropbox security and breach history

In 2014, Dropbox was criticized for giving its employees access to encryption keys. Unfortunately, the storage service has not changed its policy in this regard. Allowing employees to have encryption keys means Dropbox employees can decrypt users’ files and view them at any time. 

The next major security breach occurred in 2017. Many users found deleted files in their accounts. A bug in the Dropbox system allegedly caused a security breach that prevented some deleted files from being deleted.

Thus, if you are a businessman and you have any personal documents that need to remain confidential, you should use another cloud storage service (for example, as the Italians say, data room cos’è. The question remains: is Dropbox secure? The answer is simple: Dropbox is not very secure. The vault service may have been founded with the best of intentions, but there have been significant security breaches since then that have leaked passwords and emails.