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Bitdefender antivirus is the best products presently in the market when it comes to online protection and the complete PC protection against viruses, and also other nasties. For the Bitdefender review, it is rated as the top 3 antivirus software solutions from the Romanian base, a software company, which has been around now for more than three years. This company has formally had another name, but then changed that name, and ever since that; there has been an extensive change known.

Bitdefender provides antivirus, total security, and also internet security. These are different parts for this software, which can be bought either like one whole combined package or like a separate piece of software. Likewise, it scores exceptionally well on the performance tests being conducted by the independent testing labs. Actually, Bitdefender has received VB100 award in the 90 percent of the last tests with 10% being fudged because of false positive results but not the inability for detecting the malware.

With this antivirus, it features the best relaxed “rescue” mode that may be launched on demand and grant a user rescue with CD functionality without demanding him to copy an image onto CD. Likewise, it comes with the rescue disk and interestingly, it gives the user no headache during the installation of some programs as opposed to other software which trouble when installing because of the existing malware in the computer of the user. 
Bitdefender antivirus is among the most powerful and flexible antimalware suites in the market though it is the system hog. Other than occupying almost the gigabyte of space with tons of RAM, the system scan may take some hours for the whole process. Though, the protracted scans usually are as a result of the malware for the first place. The scans on the clean completed PC in a considerably shorter period. When comparing to the competitors, Bitdefender scores around 4 out of 5 in detecting the pre-existing threats in the computer. It similarly scores on rootkit removal and rootkit tests. It’s capacity to clear away the scareware, make it score 100% detection on the recent trial.

Bitdefender uninstalls and also destroys malware silently without the appearance of unnecessary and distracting notifications. The most impressive features which come when using this program is the capacity to protect your computer privacy. While many antivirus programs reserve the website security features because of full-fledged versions, typically, Bitdefender antivirus involves the steady version.

hishing is the primary concern when it comes to surfing the web as the Bitdefender outperformed various top of a line security solution.From the independent user, Bitdefender is found the best in terms of the performance. It is the best because of providing the user with an excellent interface that can be found easy and when you want to navigate. Also, the software includes the disk defragmenter that is always the best addition to the antivirus software. Bitdefender provides the “game mode” where you can adjust the software to enable for different system requirement to be for some current day computer games. 

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