Internet Introductions

Katie and I met Gina yesterday. We met for coffee at Starbucks and had a good time learning a bit about each other.

Gina "found" us while Googling Northbrook. She happened by the Sisters' Weblog, and emailed us to inquire about our . It was fun answering her questions about Northbrook and ourselves, and then eventually meeting in person.

Gina was even inspired to start up her own blog! Sisters' Weblog spawn!

We had a really good time talking with Gina and listening to her testimony. I think a good new friendship is in the making! Yay! She shared with us that she has the gift of hospitality and invited us to Thanksgiving dinner with her family! We are so blessed! That is actually our THIRD this year, so we had to decline Gina's invitation, but maybe we can do that another time.

The Internet can really be useful in bringing together new friends, and we discovered we had many things in common! Places we've lived, past occupations we've shared, current activities we are involved with, it bloggles the mind!