This morning

The post below will share some of my experience from this morning.

Here is a picture of the end result of whatever happened. You can see where the shed was, and now where it is. The worst damage is the broken chain link fence, and the fact that the lawnmower had been tipped (since corrected) over and leaked gasoline onto the tent, and the carpet that was out there waiting to be cleaned.

It is strange to note that the neighbor's plastic chairs were still sitting in their comfy spot on their patio. It must have been some weird freak wind that came through in one instant, because there was nothing sustained going on at all except major ground to cloud lightning. Hearing the "crash" sure was scary though!

We, or rather Katie, has been working hard around the house trying to declutter. I think this was God's way of helping us declutter. Much of the stuff in the shed is now in the trash out at the road. The incident was quite "motivational"! LOL

Ah, and notice at the closest edge of the shed's platform, that Spiderman is dead.