I Just Returned

I just returned from a business trip and have some things to note:

- What exactly was the large red splatter stain on the floor of the restroom in the Baltimore Airport?

- XM radio on airplanes is great!

- God does not intend for me to lose these gold, dangling-cross earrings that Katie gave to me. I have had one fall off at work, at home and always manage to find it, even when it took a couple of days. But, when I lost it on the airplane, I thought that's it, it's gone...but, that was not to be. I just need to get a replacement earring back, that's all! Yay!

- Baltimore seems like a neat city and when you visit, check out "The Harbor" area.

- Baltimore stole my Browns so it's hard for me to totally enjoy the city.

- How did a bird feather get inside the two panes of window glass/plexiglass of the aircraft I was on? Weird.

- The pilot on the return trip to Memphis from Atlanta played some harmonica blues to welcome us a board with a song and a rhyme! It was quite entertaining and he earned applause from all the passengers. I wonder why we applauded that, but not the fact he got us to our destination safely?

- My friend Mary makes me laugh.

- Roy Rogers served Mary a ham and cheese crossaint because there were "no eggs" they explained. But, when I ordered a few minutes later, I got bacon, EGG, and cheese. We didn't notice a delivery of eggs or chickens in that span of five minutes, or ever. It bloggles the mind!

- I used to go outside for fresh air. Now it is best either to stay inside or travel a significant distance from the entrance of any public building